Mineral Water & Pools

Indoor Pool
Indoor swimming pool

Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of the silky mineral water. It will not only restore your body, but also prolong the effect of any spa therapy or massage. Hotel Perun has an indoor and outdoor mineral pool and a completely renovated spa area. The water temperature is maintained in the range of 32-34 degrees. Professional lifeguards ensure the peace and safety of all guests.

Kids Pool
Children `s pool

With care for our youngest guests, we offer a separate shallow children's area, fully tailored to the needs of children. You will be able to calmly watch your children, enjoying your vacation. Opening hours: every day from 09:00 to 20:00

Characteristic of mineral water

Did you know that the best place for treatment of bronchial asthma in Europe is in Bulgaria, namely in the town of Sandanski. The climate and mineral water of Sandanski work wonders for health. The water has a low mineralization, but a rich chemical composition without color and unpleasant smell and with a pleasant taste. The temperature of the water in them: 42 ° C – 81 ° C. All this, combined with the dry and warm climate, turn the city into a natural health resort. And the list of diseases that are positively affected by the mineral water and air of Sandanski is many.

History of mineral water in Sandanski

Settlements date back to 2 millennia BC. The healing properties of mineral water in our lands has been known for centuries. That is why the Romans built here, on the site of an ancient Thracian settlement, a city called Dedusava. They build mineral springs baths for bathing and build a temple, which is dedicated to the god of healing Asclepius. The knowledge of ancient times has not been forgotten even today, and it is no coincidence that the city continues to develop and establish itself as one of the preferred balneo and spa centers in the country.

What is it useful for?

Our mineral water is useful for: