Sandanski is the sunniest Bulgarian city. According to statistics, the annual sunshine in the area is 2436 hours – an indicator characteristic of the most famous Mediterranean resorts.

Sandanski is surrounded by mountains on all sides – to the east rise the majestic peaks of Pirin, to the west is the low Maleshevska mountain, and to the south like a fan branch off Ograzhden, Belasitsa and Slavyanka. Located at 224 m above sea level, Sandanski is one of the warmest places in Bulgaria, where 230 days a year the temperature does not fall below 5 degrees.


Because of its unique location between the sea and the high peaks of Pirin, the climate is uniformly mild throughout the year. And more: many mineral waters spring up in the area, some of which have a temperature of up to 80 degrees, and some of the most delicious Bulgarian fruits grow in the local gardens. What else? Go on vacation in Sandanski and find out for yourself. It is no coincidence that the city proudly carries the glory of a balneo- and bioclimatic resort, to which today are added the excellent opportunities for spa tourism.

In Sandanski, snow is considered a miracle, foggy days are counted on fingers, the amount of precipitation is the lowest in the country.
When snow is still falling high on the surrounding mountains, the warm breeze of the Mediterranean can already be felt in the Struma valley. Spring comes already at the end of February, when the temperature stays permanently above 10 degrees. Summer starts early, it is dry and hot, and autumn is the season when guests of the city can enjoy the most natural gifts – pomegranates, figs, grapes, walnuts, peanuts, etc.

One of the favorite places of both local residents and guests of the city is the park located on 344 decares, in which more than 100 tree species and more than 150 flowers grow. Old hollow sycamores, slender cedars and sequoias, evergreen thuja, willows, pines, as well as all kinds of roses, geraniums, geraniums and other flowers are next to each other in it.