Spa & Wellness

Thermal zone

The Spa Zone of Perun Hotel will provide you with a sense of balance and harmony of body, mind and soul. Available to our guests are:

Steam bath

It has been proven that regular visits to a steam bath have a beneficial effect on the skin and overall health. The moist heat in the room stimulates blood circulation and helps flush toxins from the body.


The thermal effect of the baths with underwater jet massage is expressed in the dissolution of the capillaries, thus achieving relaxation and detoxification. It has an extremely beneficial effect after intense training, as it relaxes the muscles.


The warm deckchairs are waiting for you to relax on them and our relaxation area will make your vacation unforgettable and fulfilling.

Finnish sauna

The dry air and high temperature of 80-90 degrees have a beneficial effect on detoxification, relieve muscle pain, improve heart activity, blood pressure and the overall tone of the body. Say goodbye to toxins and retained fluids, relax and give your body a new lease of life.

Hot and cold showers

After warming up the body in the sauna and steam bath, the horizontal and vertical jets of water in combination with pleasant aromas and lights refresh and recharge you with new energy. It’s not just a shower, it’s another delight for the body.


We believe that as lovers of excellent spa hotels, you will uncompromisingly appreciate the small details that are subordinated entirely to your comfort and rest.

Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the thermal part of the Spa area. This is done with care for their health and safety. Mineral children’s pools, playground and game room in the hotel lobby are available for children.

Opening hours: every day from 09:00 to 20:00

SPA procedures

The qualified massage therapists of the Perun Hotel will satisfy even our most demanding guests with their high level of professionalism, attitude and ethics. Here you can enjoy traditional, relaxing and aromatherapy massages.

Types of massages:

Mineral water pool

Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of the silky mineral water. It will not only restore your body, but also prolong the effect of any spa therapy or massage.